Daphne Cheung

will soon be shooting WHITE DRAGON (Two Bothers Pictures / ITV)

Jo Cowen

Jo is about to make her fourth visit to CORONATION STREET (ITV)

Kosha Engler

is about to start shooting on the film VERY VALENTINE (B.U.F.O. LTD).

Reanne Farley

is currently shooting the new TV series CLINK (Ch 5)

Rebecca Hamilton

is narrating ORPHAN, MONSTER, LIAR, SPY for Chatterbox Audio

Polly Highton

returns to Walford as 'Mrs. Lund' in EASTENDERS (BBC)

Eleanor Howell

is delighted to be joining the cast on the feature HAMPSTEAD directed by Joel Hopkins for Ecosse Films

Chloe Hunt

recently filmed a pilot for a new TV show with a major global International broadcaster.

Rhoda Montemayor

Last night Rhoda appeared on the Flemish talk show VANS GILS & GASTEN promoting the third series of the award wining TV drama EIGEN KWEEK where she plays the recurring role of 'Julita'

Charlie Norfolk

Charlie will be playing 'Sherry' in A BETTER WOMAN 1st - 19th Dec 2015 (Marlowe Theatre)


Lally Percy

will soon be shooting THE GHOST directed by Grrick Hamm for Ribyeye Films

Lydea Perkins

is in Keswick for the summer season - appearing in RAILS, SINGLE SPIES & SENSE AND SENSIBILITY.

Zara Ramm

is playing 'The Wicked Witch of the West' in THE WIZARD OF OZ at Storyhouse Theatre, Chester.

Celia Robertson

will soon be shooting 3 episodes of UNFORGOTTEN series 3 (Mainstreet Pictures)

Helen Stern

is currently in Spain shooting a commercial for MED EXPFESS